CynEats foodie guide to RICHMOND, BC

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Making a trip to Richmond, Canada is like visiting Asia without the jet lag, the 15 hr flight, and a $1400+ plane ticket.

Plus, if you’re living in Cali… it’s just a short flight up the coast to get some of the best Asian food in the world. Everything is super affordable too.

Location-wise, Richmond is right next door to Vancouver (a short 15 minute drive) and is often overlooked. So if you guys ever go to Vancouver, I’d highly suggest spending a day or two here to satisfy your Asian fix- you won’t be disappointed.

Here’s where to go and what to order:

Hong Kong BBQ Master

melissademataphoto-bbqmaster-6511  melissademataphoto-bbqmaster-6492

Photography by: Melissa De Mata

Holy smokes. If there’s ONE place you have to go in Richmond… it’s here. They serve THE BEST bbq meats I’ve ever had. There’s usually a huge line once they open and they often sell out by 5pm on any given day.

What to order: roasted pork, bbq pork, soy chicken, soy duck (I know, it’s a lot of food… definitely pack it up and take it to-go)

PS: It’s located inside the parking lot under the Real Canadian Superstore.

The BBT shop (bubble tea)
melissademata-cyneats-bubbleteashop-6519  melissademata-cyneats-bubbleteashop-6573
The deets: This is a bubble tea shop that takes a staple Chinese egg-waffle and they turn it into one hell of a dessert. They add various toppings such as matcha ice cream, fresh cut mangos, chocolate, oreos, and more. It’s perfect for the gram, and tastes delicious too.

PS: It’s in the same structure as Hong Kong BBQ Master, just walk over when you’re done.

Lido Restaurant 

The deets: This is an authentic and affordable Hong Kong eatery, serving anything from noodles to traditional milk tea. But what they’re known for is their pineapple buns.

What to order: Pineapple buns, duh. They bake them fresh throughout the day, and often times you’ll have to wait for the next batch (not a long wait). Make sure you ask for the extra butter! Think: Flakey, warm, buttery goodness.

Tip: Lines can get pretty long if you’re dining in. Go straight up to the cashier and ask to buy the pineapple bun to-go.

Chef Tony Seafood Restaurant 


Having #DimSum like a BAOs ????#EggYolkCustardBun @visitrichmondbc

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The deets: Hands down… one of the BEST dim sum restaurants I’ve ever been to. Chef Tony isn’t a typical Chinese eatery- many of their signature dishes are upscale riffs on traditional dishes like… Siu Mai with black truffle and marinated chicken with truffle flakes. 100% recommend.

PS: Definitely get their egg yolk custard. Bomb AF!

R&H Chinese Food

The deets: If you’re running short on time or just need a dumpling fix, stop by the R&H food stand in Lansdowne Mall. Their Xiao Long Baos are made fresh to order and is a local favorite.

Coffee at Faebrew

 melissademata-cyneats-faebrew-6689 melissademata-cyneats-faebrew-6707
The deets: For anyone who needs a quick pick-me-up, Faebrew is the coolest and newest coffeeshop in town. They don’t have a menu. You tell them exactly what you like/don’t like, and they cater every singe brew to your tastebuds. The baristas act as mixologists, creating each cup of coffee to the customer- from the type of beans to the brewing method and mugs.

Dinner at Blue Canoe Waterfont Restaurant 

The Deets: While this restaurant isn’t exactly “Asian,” they’ve got some of the best seafood in town with great scenic views on the water.

What to get: The seafood tower, clam chowder, seafood stew

The Apron 


The deets: The Apron is located inside The Westin (where we stayed). Their room service menu is super legit and the restaurant downstairs serves contemporary Pacific Northwest cuisine. We were lucky enough to meet the executive chef (Robert Uy). He’s so passionate about his craft and is constantly inspiring his team to think outside the box.

What to order: Anything. No really. You can close your eyes and pick anything off the menu. You don’t be disappointed.

Where to stay: The Westin


Lastly, if you guys are visiting Richmond for the night, definitely book a room here. It’s located right by the airport and next to the bridge that takes you into Vancouver. The service is amazing, the room service is phenomenal (also run by Robert Uy and his team), they’ve got a sick gym + swimming pool, and of course… The apron is right down stairs.

Photography by: Melissa De Mata

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  • Clifford Chan September 25, 2018 - 8:55 am Reply

    Almost across the street from Hong Kong bbq meats is tParker Place Mall which has Parker Place bbq meats which ribald Hong Kong bbq meats. I like my roast pork with a very crisp PY skin and a substantial amount of fat. When I saw the piece of meat on the chopping block, it was quite lean. When I requested more fat, the butcher pulled out 2 other chunks of roast port to obtain a higher fat content .

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  • Sam January 18, 2017 - 11:43 am Reply

    So happy you visited Vancouver! Wished you stayed longer, would’ve loved to take you food hunting ! :)

  • Markus December 12, 2016 - 4:39 pm Reply

    Working in San Francisco, I often look for somewhere to go, and your post definitely have me craving BOMB asian food now. Keep up the good work cyneats!

    • CynEats January 12, 2017 - 1:08 am Reply

      Thank you Markus :) Thanks for reading!

  • Joanne December 12, 2016 - 7:05 am Reply

    Woah … your pictures are insane. I don’t even know where Richmond is, I had to look it up on Google Maps. My boyfriend and I love your travel posts and this one might be doable for us since flights look mucher than Europe and Asia hahahaha!

    • CynEats January 12, 2017 - 1:07 am Reply

      Yes! It’s way more affordable… I’ll probably take a few more trips up there this year :) Especially during their night markets!

  • Rachel W. December 11, 2016 - 11:03 am Reply

    I’ve never heard of Richmond area in Vancouver until your post! I’m not ignorant or anything but you just never hear about that city! I’m going to make my boyfriend take me there next year haha. Your pictures are making me hungry.

    • CynEats January 12, 2017 - 1:06 am Reply

      It’s worth the trip! Let me know how you guys like Richmond :)

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