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FINALLY-!! It’s about damn time someone opened up a legit Chinese restaurant in San Francisco.

No sorry- you won’t find any orange chicken, sweet and sour chicken, kung pow chicken, general chow chicken or any sort of Americanized dishes here. What you will find is delicious Chinese food- made the right way, the authentic way.

Teo is a new Chinese spot in San Francisco that doesn’t appeal to American taste buds. Everything is made from scratch (literally evverrryyythinggg- from the silky smooth noodles to the desserts).

If you blind folded me, I would have thought I was eating in China- and not on 7th and mission. The restaurant itself has a cool, casual vibe. The space is HUGE with a bar, an open kitchen, a large dining room, and even a private room hidden away for large parties (you can even Karaoke here!) <– perfect for bday parties or celebrations.

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The greatest thing about Teo is that they have something on the menu for everyone. Here are my fav dishes:

TEO- Best Chinese Restaurant in San Francisco-11

As soon as you sit down, they bring you some house-made small bites: peanuts and pickled cabbage to get your taste buds going.

TEO- Best Chinese Restaurant in San Francisco-9

For appetizers, get the Fish Stock Soup $7. It’s simple and light, yet extremely complex in flavors. Comes with baby bok choy, mushrooms, and shredded ginger. I could drink this every day. All the soups are traditionally made from scratch.

TEO- Best Chinese Restaurant in San Francisco-6

Beef Filet with Mushrooms $18. This is super flavorful, get it with a side of rice. The beef is cut into cubes and wok-tossed with black pepper for a hint of spice. Freaking delicious.

TEO- Best Chinese Restaurant in San Francisco-7

Sauteed Garlic Snow Peas $7. Sooooo fresh and each bite was perfectly crisped.

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In-House Marinated Goose Meat $18. Now this a total standout dish of the night. Very very few places can make this dish like Teo can. The meat was tender, juicy, and not too oily.

TEO- Best Chinese Restaurant in San Francisco-8

Teo Chew Oyster and Egg Omelette $17. This was sort of an odd-ball dish for me. The first time I had an egg omelette was on my recent trip to Taiwan, and I can’t say I loved or hated it. I prefer my oysters raw with a touch of Tabasco. This however, is something entirely different but definitely worth a try if you’re down- it’s a traditional Teochew home-style dish made with beaten eggs and herbs.

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Blanched Chai Xin $7. This veggie is called Choi Sum- and it’s freaking delicious. If you’re ordering a ton of meats and carbs, this is a must-get dish to even out your palette.

TEO- Best Chinese Restaurant in San Francisco-2

Teo Chew Stir-Fried Rice Noodles $11. HOLY CRAP. This is good- silky smooth type of good. The chefs make these noodles from scratch and the flavors in this dish are on-point. If you come here for lunch, this is really all you need.

So to sum it all up: 

Come to Teo for some bombass authentic Chinese food: the real stuff. From the traditional soups, to the goose, to the noodles- Teo made me feel like I was right at home.  Err actually my mom doesn’t cook this well (Sorry mom! Lol, I’ll take you here soon).

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  • Jenny Lam July 21, 2016 - 5:48 am Reply

    I came here after reading your review and ordered the stir-fry noodles. I’ve been back 3 time since!! Did you try any of their desserts?

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