Diary: Chillen in Napa Valley with Panasonic

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I feel like I haven’t done one of these dairies in a while. So I figure I’d take you guys on my most recent trip to Napa Valley this past week.

There was one too many glasses of wine, delicious food, lots of cheese and crackers, too many carbs, TONS of room service, and great company.

If you guys were hanging out with me on snap (CynEats), you saw our copious amounts of room service orders.

We stayed at one of my favorite hotels in Napa, The Meritage Resort and Spa. If you’re ever going to Napa Valley, I highly suggest booking a room here.

It’s great for parties, weddings, vacations… it’s a win.

They have 5 different restaurants, great room service (yup- driving this point home lol), pool, Jacuzzi, tasting rooms, a bar with a bowling alley…


I mean…. how cool right??

We all came down here on our last night together and had a blast before going back up to order more room service with the crew: @devourpower, @savoreachbite, @peachonomics, @coffeeandchampagne, @gabe_kennedy.

meritage-resort-and-spa-review-3 meritage-resort-and-spa-review-4img_7111meritage-resort-and-spa-review-2

They even have a shuttle that takes you into downtown Napa and back.

So anyways, we were in Napa courtesy of Panasonic’s new launch of their Countertop Induction Oven. It’s actually pretty dope. More info HERE.

For our first day, we went to check out the CIA (Culinary Institute of America) where Chef Gabe Kennedy (he’s the host of All Recipe’s new TV show: Dinner Spinner) demonstrated how easy it is to use the oven.


Guys. I was mind blown.

Obviously I’m not Martha Stewart and cooking is definitely NOT my strongest skill set. #zerowifeyskills

But the oven makes it…. so easy to cook? Like, you just prep the food, add a little seasoning, throw it in the oven and BAM! Food is ready in 15 minutes.


This dish probably took no more than…. 15-20 minutes. All he did was sprinkle some salt, throw it in the oven, wait, and then added some garnishes. (I can handle that?)

So basically, I mighhhttttt actually try out some recipes and become slightly more domesticated in the kitchen. Maybe I’ll even share some lazy-girl recipes that only uses 3 ingredients or less.

panasonic-countertop-induction-oven-review-4Oh and this cauliflower? Perfectly crisped on the outside, while moist and soft on the inside. All he did was throw it in the oven… #SoEasy

Alright, now I’m off scrolling through Pinterest for some idiot-proof (no-fail) recipes.

PS: the oven is available online at Williams-SonomaBed Bath & BeyondAmazon and Panasonic

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  • Rachel T. November 19, 2016 - 12:55 am Reply

    Your trip looked so fun! The room service snaps were hilarious

  • Sam SJ November 16, 2016 - 7:04 pm Reply

    I love that resort! We looked into it for one of our wedding venues. The food is really good there too.

  • Keith November 13, 2016 - 5:57 pm Reply

    How much is the oven?

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