Cyn Eats Guide to the Ferry Building (Where to eat + Where to take food pics)

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Ok guys.

The Ferry Building is the REAL DEAL for foodies.

Basically, this is where I go when I’m craving something bomb– which is ALL the time.

I’m also going to let you guys in on a little secret: It’s THE PERFECT place for #foodpics (<– and yes, that IS a thing).

They have everything from the best clam chowder (in my opinion), to the best ice cream, to the best opps for food photography.

Pretty much, it’s like Disneyland for foodies. There’s so much to do + eat + photograph.

Since I can practically spend a whole day here and not get bored, here’s the Cyn Eats guide to the Ferry Building.

First, I almost-always gotta get my ice-cream fix.

Because who doesn’t love ice cream?

There’s no better place to get it than at Humphry Slocombe.

They have awesome flavors like Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee (my fav), peanut butter chocolate chip, honey gram, and The Secret Breakfast.

I grab my ice cream, THEN- I take it outside for a 3 minute photo shoot (err… until it starts melting over my fingers).

Ice CreamIce Cream(PS: this is a great spot to take pics)

After an ice-cream fix… take a stroll down the Ferry Building.

You’ll see tons of overpriced things like chocolate, grapes, facial creams, restaurants, books, ceramics, veggies…

Ferry Building SF

Lots of fresh, local ingredients and food products

Ferry Building SF

High-quality olive oil tasting

Ferry Building SF

An oyster bar and meats shops

Ferry Building SF

Then, when you’re ready for a quick little snack… head on over to Delica, a Japanese/tapas restaurant.

Here, you get to pick and choose whatever you want. Unfortunately, that’s the BEST and WORST thing to ever happen to me.

Because this is what happens when you can’t decide:

Ferry Building SFYou order way too much.

And then you start playing with your food.

Anyways,  take your food and eat it at the communal wooden tables. And if you haven’t noticed already, it’s a great place for food photography (natural lighting is awesome here).

This is also the same area where people bring their laptops to catch up on work OR kill time before the next ferry arrives.

Sometimes, when I’m a loner- I’ll bring my book, conveniently sit by a vase of flowers, grab some juice… put my feet up, and start learning how to become a #GirlBoss.

Ferry Building SF

Then, when you’re ready for a real awesome meal (you know, one that just hits the spot)… head on over to one of my FAV seafood restaurants in the world.

HOG ISLAND Oyster Co. 

They have the BEST clam chowder +  grilled cheese sandwiches + oysters.

Honestly, if you follow Cyn Eats, then you know how fanatical I am about this place.

(The lines get super long, so I usually go during off hours).

They get their cheese from Cowgirl Creamery (also inside the Ferry Building), where you can order things like: cheese, cheese sandwiches, cheese salads, and anything cheesy.

Then, after I’m completely stuffed… I’ll go for some Blue Bottle Coffee/mocha/hot chocolate (depending on the seasons, and of course- your current mood).

Blue bottle coffee

If I’m not in the mood for coffee… I’ll grab some juice from Pressed Juicery.

And again, I’ll take it for a quick photoshoot.

Sometimes, I’ll walk along the embarcadero for some cool shots.

Cold Pressed juice

But before I leave the Ferry Building, I’ll stop by Acme Bread to pick up something for breakfast the next day. Their bread is seriously delish.

(Plus, it also goes well with the cheese at Cowgirl Creamery)

Ferry Building SF

OK, do I need to convince you anymore to go to the Ferry Building? Just do it.

BTW- here are the two restaurants that are super OVERrated:

–       Marketbar: Don’t be fooled by the nice tables and chairs outside. They’re over-priced and not good at all.

–       The Slanted Door- Americanized Vietnamese food. Although food is decent, its also super over priced and not worth it. I think paying $28 bucks for a small plate of cubed beef is wayyyyyy too much $$$ (<– but that’s just me)



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    Cool post! I love reading your city food guides :)

  • Katherine October 30, 2014 - 5:38 am Reply

    Thanks for this post! Now I have some new places to try during my lunch break!

  • Jon October 28, 2014 - 11:25 pm Reply

    Ferry Building is one of my favorite spots in the city, it’s so underrated!

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