90’s playlist + Asian Fusion Food + Drinks = An awesome night at Chubby Noodle

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 “Shorty get dowwnn, good Lord

Baby got ’em open all over town


“I like the way you work it

No diggity, I got to bag it up, bag it up

 Hey yo, hey yo, hey yoooo”

Okay. Now THAT’S outa my system, let’s talk about this awesome {bar/restaurant} called Chubby Noodle in the Marina district of San Francisco.

Basically, they’ve got the jams that make you say dayyum.

Think: 90’s hip-hop and old school Usher blaring in the background, while eating Korean tacos & Chinese noodles, while sippin on wine (or sake or beer- whatever floats your bloat), while gossiping the night away with friend(s).

I know. Fun, right?

So. If you’re looking for a fun, energetic, bar-type atmosphere with awesome food (<– which is muy importante).

Chubby Noodle is where you should go next.

They’ve got some elevated communal tables, an open kitchen, a bar, and a few wooden booths- for a more private/romantic vibe.

Now let’s get onto the good stuff:

They serve an Asian fusion menu with diverse flavors and dishes such as: dim sum, pad thai, Korean tacos, ramen noodles and papaya salad.

You’ll find flavors ranging from spicy, sweet, sour, and tangy. The best of all? It goes really well with any of the sake/wine/beer options they have on tap.

Keep in mind that every thing here is meant to be shared, so that you can order more food (duh).

One of my FAV dishes here is the chilled ramen noodles ($10). There’s no broth- just noodles, sauce, cucumbers, onions, kimchi, and a fried runny egg on top. This really helps to soak up the booze.

Pork ribs ($13)– They use Niman ranch pork, which are braised for three hours, then cooked in a soy vinegar sauce, topped with a bit of onions and chilies. If you’re looking for something salty and spicy to eat with your beer, this is your dish.

Papaya salad ($10). This is a great appetizer to start with (although not very filling). It’s made with green papaya, beans sprouts, mint, macadamia nuts.

The spicy garlic noodles ($10): It’s a very simple dish, but the combination of the chewy (house-made) egg noodles, the seasoning, and the spices just makes it all work. I secretly wished I ordered this to myself. The sauce is filled with tons of garlic flavor. Ps: bring gum.

Korean tacos ($10)- these are made with pork, a yogurt chili sauce, topped with onions and cucumbers, on a house-made tortilla. The yogurt sauce is a great compliment to the slight salty/spiciness of the meat. While I’m still confused as to what makes these tacos “Korean,” I’d still highly recommend ordering them before they run out! (Comes with 2)

And after draining the bar of their sake on tap, these tacos really hit the spot.

Ceviche ($11)– Made with shrimp, avocado, coconut milk, and daikon sprouts sprinkled on top. I’ve never had ceviche like this before. I thought the coconut milk was a little too overpowering & too weird for a “ceviche” dish.

The ahi tuna was meh (least fav dish)


To sum it all up:

The Chubby Noodle has good bar food, but overall it is just an average restaurant.

Pretty much, this is the kinda place you go when you want to let loose a bit, unwind with a few drinks, and enjoy some good eats while at the bar.

Because let’s be real. Bar food usually means un-fresh chicken tenders, old mozz cheese sticks, and gross BBQ chicken wings. Puke.

Why eat that? When you can indulge in a diverse menu with fresh and flavorful Asian fusion flavors like dim sum, pad thai, and Korean tacos.

Perhaps I was feeling a bit too inebriated, but the noodles were so bomb & literally the perfect drunk food.

Come here for your next night out.

PS: It’s on the corner of Lombard and Steiner. Be aware that it’s easy to miss since there’s no sign on the door. If you come on a Friday/Sat night, you’ll probably see a crowd of people standing outside.



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  • Hannah T. November 13, 2014 - 6:39 pm Reply

    I seriously LOVE this place. I live in the Marina, so this is usually where I spend my Friday night. Sit at the bar for a fun time interacting with the bartender!

  • Johnathon November 13, 2014 - 1:13 pm Reply

    Did you try their cold tea?? It’s a must try!

    • CynEats November 13, 2014 - 6:48 pm Reply

      No, I didnt! Thanks, I’ll get it next time ;)

  • Evan November 13, 2014 - 12:42 pm Reply

    Gahhh, thanks for making Chubby Noodle more packed than it already is! Very fun spot to hang out and eat good food. Probably one of the best spots in that area.

  • Nikki R. November 13, 2014 - 5:44 am Reply

    I just moved to SF 2 weeks ago, and I’m so glad my friend told me about your blog! This sounds like a fun place to check out!

  • Janet November 12, 2014 - 8:10 am Reply

    Sounds like a fun spot! Totally book marking this spot for next time!

  • Danielle November 12, 2014 - 7:00 am Reply

    90’s music is my JAM! This place plays all the classics back in prom circa 2000! Oh, and the food is bomb here too.

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