Absinthe Brasserie. THINK: Eggs benedict, but instead of Eng muffin, it’s on a crispy hash brown with duck confit!

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I’ve GOT to tell you guys about this breakfast dish at Absinthe Brasserie in SF (Hayes Valley).

I just had it this morning and I’ve been seriously OMGing ever since.

Like. I already can’t wait to go back.

Think: Eggs benedict…but instead of English muffin, it’s on a crispy hash brown with béarnaise sauce.

Oh, it’s also topped with duck-confit & wild mushrooms.

No big D.

Duck-Confit Ragout ($15.5)

Absinthe’s take on the traditional eggs benedict is such a clever twist, that it’s delightful & refreshing to the palate.

The chive-potato cake has a hashbrown kind of crunch to it, which went perfectly with the poached egg that drizzled down & into the duck confit. I especially loved the variations of textures with the crispiness of the potato cake, the softness of the egg, and the tenderness of the meat.

Pretty much it’s the best B-fast dish I’ve had in a while. Because. I haven’t been WOW’d by anything lately (not since Kitchen Story, at least).

(I mean, you can only have so many eggs bene before they all start to taste the same.)

So. I’d go back to Absinthe JUST for that.

But here are some other notable mentions:

The ceviche makes for a great starter ($14). It’s super fresh, comes out fast, and isn’t too filling. ESP if you’re saving yourself for the duck-confit ragout.

Next, my boyfriend had the Dungeness crab omelette.

Let’s just say that he was asking for bites of my eggs benedict the whole time.


The omelette ($16) is cooked with Dungeness crab and comes with spinach, Meyer lemon crème fraiche, crispy potatoes, and toast. Honestly, I wouldn’t get it again. I thought it was lacking in crab and flavor. It was also a little over-priced for what you’re getting.

During the evenings, Absinthe makes for a great date night since it turns into a poppin happy hour spot. Their dinner menu looks just as amazing and I can’t wait to go back for their famous French onion soup (apparently, it’s one of the best in the city). Overall, Absinthe is a classic French bistro with a fresh, California twist.

Side: They’re also one of the most highest rated restaurants on Yelp

So. Back to the Duck-Confit Ragout.

Get it.

You’ll thank me later.


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  • Tiffany August 20, 2014 - 6:40 pm Reply

    I’ll be in the city this coming weekend! Sounds like an awesome spot!

  • Julian August 19, 2014 - 6:43 am Reply

    Wait, so you’re telling me, instead of the soggy English muffin, they use hash browns instead? Genius, I want to try this!

  • Thomson August 18, 2014 - 6:38 pm Reply

    I’ve only been here for dinner and drinks. Must try their garlic pretzels!

  • Hannah J. August 18, 2014 - 6:32 pm Reply

    I’ve been coming to Absinthe for years! Their duck confit is the seriously the best. I also get it every time :)

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