Barzotto- Why Are You So Freakin good!?

  Posted by - September 4, 2016 - $$ (20-50), San Francisco

Barzotto SF Review-11

Barzotto SF Review-4Ok first things first. I rarely eat carbs and pastas.

In fact, I try to avoid it like the plague because eating too much carbs= immediate weight gain the next morning. Does anyone else feel me on this?

Which is why I’m almost pissed that I went to this media brunch at Barzotto, a new pasta spot in the mission.

Pissed because…. it’s SOOO freaking good and I ended up loving it. No wait. I’m obsessed.

True story: after the media brunch, I ended up staying longer (with @dopensteez) and we ordered 3 more pastas. THREE. MORE. PASTAS.

Ugh. My jeans currently hate me but my stomach just did two back flips with joy.

So here’s the deal with Barzotto:

+ You can watch the chefs rolling, cutting, and making all the pastas by hand (sit at the counter to watch!)

+ It’s a simple concept: you order at the front counter, then you find your own table (for me it’s the one with great lighting lol)

+ The menu is reasonably priced, and everything is meant to be shared (AKA come with friends so you can try more items. duh)

+ Everything is made in-house. Plus, Michelle Minori runs the kitchen (she was the badass executive chef who ran Flour + Water, Aatxe, Central Kitchen, and more).

+ You can even buy handmade pasta to cook at home

Barzotto SF Review-12

And obviously everything is delicious here, but let’s get specific:

Barzotto SF Review-8

Spaghetti ($10)– This is a very simple dish (and also my FAV dish) that is extremely satisfying for only TEN bucks. It’s their version of a cacio e pepe, made with parmesan cheese and black pepper.  Oh and they use 12″ noodles for the spaghetti, which makes it fun to twirl around with your fork to get that insta shot:

That pull tho ???????? #15inchnoodles #handmade @barzottosf (new blog post coming soon)

A photo posted by Personal Account: @CynLinh (@cyneats) on

Another fav pasta dish? The bucatini:

Barzotto SF Review-2

Bucatini ($15)– Made with pancetta, tomato, chili and topped with breadcrumbs. The flavors in this dish were robust and full of flavor, I especially loved the breadcrumbs which added a nice texture.
 Barzotto SF Review-9
Porchetta board ($16)– Omg. This was INSANE. Literally drooling all over again as I’m looking at this photo. The porchetta is flavored with fennel pollen, chili and lemon zest.
PS: the skin is extra crispy, break it off and eat it with a bite of your pasta to add a nice crunch. You’ll thank me later.

Barzotto SF Review-3

Cresta di gallo ($13) – This pasta dish uses cauliflower, garlic, chili, almonds and a hint of lemon.

If you can’t tell already, each dish is completely different- using sauces that compliment the unique textures of each pasta.

Barzotto SF Review-7

Brioche stuffed french toast (new on the menu)- They partnered with Arizmendi (bakery next door) to make the brioche. This was honestly so freaking delicious- it’s stuffed with mascarpone and topped with roasted strawberries, lemon zest and whipped creme.

Barzotto SF Review-6

And lastly, THIS gelato is the perfect way to end your meal on a sweet note.

Barzotto SF Review-14

Wait wait. One more thing… If you come here for brunch, this is a MUST GET: baked eggs in a spicy tomato sauce with charred vegetables. This dish is meant to be shared and comes with bread sticks for dipping. I mean.. doesn’t get any better than that?

So to sum it all up, come to Barzotto for some outstanding dishes at very reasonable prices. It’s a cute place in the mission that’s perfect for brunch, a simple dinner, and even a spot to catch up with friends.

And if you’re tryna avoid carbs in your diet… then… don’t say I didn’t warn you: BARZOTTO IS HIGHLY ADDICTIVE.

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  • Travis October 4, 2016 - 2:12 am Reply

    Your pictures makes me so hungry

    • CynEats October 10, 2016 - 11:56 am Reply


  • Sara R September 15, 2016 - 1:55 am Reply

    Went here this past weekend after seeing this on your Instagram. The pastas we had were fantastic and the dessert at the end!

    • CynEats September 22, 2016 - 12:38 pm Reply

      Glad you loved it!! I can’t wait to go back for the gelato :)

  • Pauline P. September 6, 2016 - 4:37 pm Reply

    The pastas look good, but wow that Porchetta board….

    • CynEats September 22, 2016 - 12:37 pm Reply

      Sooo good right?! That photo makes me drool every time haha

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