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Ok OK. You’ve all been asking- HOW IS AYESHA CURRY’S NEW RESTAURANT??

Is it worth the hype?? Is it worth the 3- month wait for a reservation??

Well, let me tell yah. Completely unbiased. (Although- since I manage their social media accounts… does that make me biased??)

The answer is YES. But whatever, who cares?

I’ve eaten here 3+ times and I’m completely obsessed. It also doesn’t help that I recently moved just a few blocks away from International Smoke, which makes it easy for me to pop in for lunch.

The struggle to not eat here everyday is real.

The world has never seen a restaurant BBQ concept like this. It’s sooo much more ELEVATED. And until you dine here, you won’t really “get it”.

You might be thinking… ribs and meat lathered in BBQ sauce. Because that’s what a traditional BBQ joint offers.

Well, lucky for us. Ayesha Curry and Michael Mina has completely changed the game.

And lucky for you… here’s a YouTube video where I take you guys behind the scenes at one of our photoshoots inside International Smoke. You’ll see what I mean when I say, “It’s elevated”.

International Smoke is a new concept based off BBQ and different grilling techniques that span across the globe. The menu is filled with unique and exciting flavors from India, Japan, Korea, Italy and so much more.

The best part? Everything is meant to be shared family-style. So grab your friends and make your reservations HERE. Otherwise, you can pop-in and hope there’s an empty seat at the bar (walk-ins welcome).

Pro-tip: Go right when they open to secure your spot.




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