Hello! I’m Cynthia- a traveling blogger based out of San Francisco and I manage social media accounts for restaurants and businesses.

To be real, that basically means I take a million pictures of food before I eat it. Yah, I’m one those. Lol.

And if you wana see what it’s like behind the scenes, come hang out with me on Snap! (user: CynEats)

I started CynEats as a place for me to share my recommendations with all my homies. You won’t find any negative reviews here- this isn’t Yelp. What you’ll find are recommendations to bomb ass places I love and enjoy, and of course all the food porn I can get my hands on.

I eat out almost every night because I can’t cook #zerowifeyskills #SorryFutureHusband lol, so this isn’t a recipe blog. Although I am the queen of simple recipes that require very little work haha.

For more info on how I got started, read here.