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If you’re a follower on my IG stories, then I feel like you’ve been part of my fitness journey.

You know I started working out with a personal trainer (Leah) 2-3 times a week!

Why? Because being a full-time food blogger for 4 years is finally taking a toll on my body (insert crying emoji).

I’m getting older.

My metabolism is slowing down.

My pants don’t fit like they used to (can anyone relate??)

And I’m also not about that #DietLife…


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So my trainer told me to stretch before I hit the gym. Does this count? 😝 @themelt

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Leah’s workouts are fun, challenging, and a slow progression… meaning she doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle. 

I’ve been LOVING every second of our workouts and I’d 10000% recommend her to all of you. 

I get it though… a personal trainer can get real expensive. And not everyone has a flexible schedule.

But this is why I’m super jazzed about this post!

We are bringing you a workout series for you all to build a stronger core and foundation AT HOME. You can do these exercises ANYWHERE.  

On my recent 2 week trip to Italy (think: PASTA for breakfast, lunch and dinner), we did these excercises in our hotel room in the morning before we started our day}

You can do it in your living room, at the park, at the gym, at work on break. Wherever and whenever works for YOU! 

Okay, I’ll let Leah take it from here:

“The following 5 exercises target the entire body with an emphasis on strengthening the core. Each exercise is designed to emphasize a particular muscle group while engaging the whole body. Perform these in a circuit style for a great full body workout you can do anywhere! Repeat this circuit, for 3-4 rounds with 12-15 reps each.”

Bridges: (12-15 reps)

Start with torso parallel to floor, minimizing any arch in the low back by pulling the abs tight to your spine.

Keep the spine in this straight position as you begin to raise the hips off the floor by squeezing the booty tight (with control).

Lower back to the floor and repeat.

Russian twists: (12-15 reps)

Create a table top position with your legs by bringing feet and knees up at the same height. Slightly lean back until you feel your abs begin to tighten and engage.

Press your finger tips together as you repeat small, tight side-to-side rotations from the waist.

Twist left, then twist right (30 total | 15 each side)

Superman: (12-15 reps)

Start by laying in a big X with your limbs.

Raise your arms and legs off the floor by squeezing your back, core and booty.

Return back to laying X position and repeat.

Super push ups: (12-15 reps)

Start in a plank position with hands just outside the shoulders, aiming your elbows slightly back (instead of out to the side), begin to lower your body keeping the torso in the plank position (do not drop the hips). As you push back up to start position, round out the the shoulder blades forward.

Lunges: (12-15 reps)

Stagger your stand by bringing one foot back and the other forward, careful not to cross the back foot behind the front one.

As you descend in your lunge, keep your chest up and abs engaged. To return back to standing, squeeze your butt!

        Repeat this circuit, for 3-4 rounds with 12-15 reps each.

Leave a comment below if you have any questions :)

Have fun babes!

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  • Wilkinson December 25, 2019 - 3:09 pm Reply

    Starting in a plank position, place your hands at shoulder-width distance apart, and slowly lower your body. Make sure to press your elbows to the side of your body as you do this.

  • Aimee October 25, 2018 - 10:54 pm Reply

    I love to eat as well and would love to learn how to stay healthy and keep the weight off!!

  • Carmen October 25, 2018 - 8:52 pm Reply

    I would like to join because I want to me you in real life and you are so pretty and I want to workout also. My Instagram is strawberrycupcake3

  • Michelle P October 25, 2018 - 2:12 pm Reply

    How do I incorporate a band into these exercises?

  • Sam October 25, 2018 - 11:20 am Reply

    Sooo excited for your workout series! I’ve been following your workouts IG stories, but this is way better!

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